About Us

Migen Dibra Law Office provides legal advice and guidance as well as litigation on almost all aspects of the following legal domains:

  •         family law,
  •          civil law,
  •          corporate law,
  •          labor law,
  •          immigration,
  •          international human rights and
  •          criminal law

Our continuous commitment to excellence applies to every aspect of our business, from interaction with clients to diligent studies, to negotiation and litigation in courts.

takes great pride in its highly accomplished achievements. Migen Dibra Law Office

Me Migen Dibra has been awarded the Montreal Bar Award for Excellence in Civil Law.  She has a rich working experience in the Quebec Court of Appeal, the highest Court in the Province of Quebec, Canada, where she has worked directly for some of its most renowned judges dealing with various legal issues and in various legal domains.  She has received high evaluations by these judges.  She has also been highly evaluated by renowned law figures in civil and constitutional law.

With LL.B., J.D., LL.M., and LL.D. degrees with excellent results (Deans' List) from Faculty of Law, the University of Montreal she is specialized equally in Civil and North American Common Law. She has given numerous valuable contributions in several jurisdictions and countries around the world in cooperation with local lawyers and government bodies.  She has also published legal articles. Through this extensive work, she has gained a reputation for exceptional work. 

Her colleagues all over the world have equally high qualifications and are highly regarded among the peers in the law community. They have years of successfully legal experience in numerous domains that have resulted in many decades-long client relationships and solid mutual confidence. Their ability to conduct business in many languages including English and French further underscores our dedication to meeting our client's needs on a global scale.

Migen Dibra Law Office provides Professional, Fast, and Custom-Tailored Service.  Our legal representation is custom-tailored to each client's business goals and budget. We also take the time to understand their problems and issues from the inside out. In today's increasingly complex global world with our in-depth knowledge, comprehensive training, and broad experience, you will feel confident and assured that you couldn't have a better ally on your side.

Please see the youtube video (in french) about the cabinet here: https://youtu.be/0GV2_ZnzLgM